Our Meat 

We take pride in only providing the very best quality meat. We work with award winning royal warrant holders, Aubrey Allen, a family run business established in 1933. Aubrey allen are committed to sourcing the best and most ethically reared beef, pork and chicken. Bred in a clean, green way by farmers who share their passion for growing healthy livestock.


We use 100% British beef, dry-aged for 21 days to tenderise the meat and intensify the flavour. We pride ourselves on the quality of the cuts that we choose. All beef undergoes a stringent specification check before being supplied to us, to ensure we are always giving our customers the very best.  


The Notorious p.i.g

Aubrey Allen works with award winning pig farmer, Jimmy Butler, to provide us with free range pork only taken from Gilts, a young female pig. This means that the meat is tastier and sweeter. The pigs live a healthy life outdoors in Suffolk, growing at a natural, slow rate which gives the meat that extra flavour.

the bird is the word

Aubrey Allen work with a local Poultry supplier, Robert Caldecott, to provide us with our free range chicken. The chickens are reared in Worcestershire for 67 Days, 10 days longer than standard free range chickens so that they are naturally larger and well developed, providing a more rich and intense flavour.