Our buns

Our buns are locally produced here in Worcester. We work closely with Sam from Ma Bakers, a family run business established in 1966, he shares the same love for innovation as we do, producing us with exclusive smoked brioche buns that are only available to us.


baby got buns

Ma Bakers use the best flour locally sourced from the Cotswolds, which is then smoked over oak chips for a more intense flavour. They source butter from Churchfields Farm based in Salwarpe, Droitwich, which contains natural salts from the local Spa. The recipe has been perfected over time, with secret additional ingredients being added, creating a unique brioche bun with great texture and incredible flavour.

flava flava

Sam at Ma Bakers shares the same passion as we do when it comes to creating unique products, so working with him gives us the ability to create crazy culinary artwork such as the midnight black bun used for 'The Vader', and the 5 spiced red bun used for the 'Roo-Tang'. By testing with different ingredients and cooking methods we will continue to produce stand-out, eccentric ideas.