The Burger CLub 

The Burger Club card rewards you with points as you spend down at the BAO, and it’s completely FREE to join.

Over the course of almost a year now we've accumulated countless loyal customers. We're greatly appreciative of all the locals who choose us as their NO.1 Burger joint and Bar, as well as the people who travel miles just to eat with us. To say thank you, we wanted to reward people who get down with the BAO.


 £5 SPENT = 1 Point =  £0.30


•   Sign up by going in-store and filling out the short form. 

•  when you pay for your bill, ask your server to swipe your card. Every £5 spent will earn your a point on your card.

•   Redeem those points to get £££ off your final bill.

By signing up you’ll be the first to hear about news and events with monthly emails, so you can stay in the know, and not only this but we’ll even send you exclusive treats and deals that only The Burger Club members can redeem. 

There will be plenty of news, deals and special nights popping up for The Burger Club members, so make sure to follow our social media space for all of that HANBAO goodness. 

for more information, please see our T&C's