Get to know


Do you have any vegan options? 

Yes! We currently offer the Even Harder To Please, which has a Double House Vegan Patty. We also offer a Vegan Bun, all you need to do is ask your server and they can swap these out with the regular bun.

Do you have any vegetarian options? 

Yes! We currently offer the Are You Really Quin Tho? Which has a Double House Quinoa Patty. You can see all products that are vegetarian, including sides, by checking out the allergen chart

Do you sell gift vouchers? 

We sell gift vouchers both in store and online. They come in the form of HANBAO dollars, and there is £10 and £20 dollars available. 

I lost my gift voucher, is there anything i can do to get it back? 

Unfortunately we wont be able to re-issue gift vouchers.

Do you do takeaway? 

Currently we don't offer takeaway or a delivery option, although this is something that may be coming soon! Stay tuned. 

Is there a service charge? 

On bookings there is a 10% service charge added to the bill. All of which goes to HANBAO staff. 

Where is your meat sourced? 

All our meat is all sourced from Aubrey Allen, an award winning family run business who take pride in their meat.  You can see all the details about our meat here

I have allergies! where can I check if i can eat a certain product? 

You can see all the allergy information here.

We don't use peanuts on our grill, although we do use them in the kitchen so although our burgers do not contain nuts, we cant guarantee a complete nut free zone. 

Whats the best way to book a table? 

To book a table simply head to the bookings page on our website. This is the best and most efficient way to ensure you're able to book a table with us. Once you've booked we will send you an email confirmation to confirm your booking. 

Do you have a loyalty card? 

Yes! We have what we like to call the Burger Club. A card which you can swipe each time that you spend down at the BAO, and that money spent then equates to money on your card. You can view the lowdown here

I lost my my loyalty card! Is there anything I can do?

Yes of course! If you misplace your Burger Club Card or damage it, then just let a server know and they can take your details down, cancel your old card and we will issue you with a new one. Any points that were on your old card will be transffered to your new one. 

I would love a job at HANBAO! How do I go about getting one? 

We are always looking for enthusiastic, creative and determined individuals who can add something to the already great team. If you're looking for a job then please see the careers page, alternatively email your CV to