Privacy Policy

At HANBAO. we take privacy and confidentiality very serious, and treat it with the upmost importance. We are committed to protecting the confidential information provided to us by our customers. This privacy policy is to inform you on how we gather information and how it is used and protected. 

All data collected will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. If at any point you wish to learn about the information we have collected and hold for you, please email 

The information we collect on our website

We collect information on our website through the bookings form, Emailing list pop up form and through the store page. The information we may collect can include the following: Name, Email Address, Address, Gender, Date of Birth. The data collected will only be used for marketing and research purposes only. We collect and store the data to be used in the future so that we can keep you update with the business, send you deals and discounts and let you know about any future promotions. We will never send you anything via email, text or address without receiving permission from yourself. 

We also collect information through our Burger Club Card scheme. By signing up to the Burger Club card you are giving permission for us to send you promotional emails, as mentioned on the back of the sign up card. You can stop this promotional marketing activity by simply unsubscribing from the emails, which can be located at the bottom of every email. 

We may also collect information about your location, computer, browser and operating system. This will only be used for personal use, to get a better understanding of the analytical statistics of the website and how we can improve our site. This data is generic, and does not tell us individuals information. This data only gives us an overview of the whole site users. 


On our website we use "cookies" to gather further data on the use of our website. The information we may collect includes the date and time of a visit, the time spent on our site, page views, and the most popular bits of content on our website. This information is for our purpose only, so that we can further develop our site to ensure the user experience is always improving. 

Cookies can be turned off on your own computer. To do this activate the settings on your browsers which allow you to refuse cookies. If you activate this settings it may result in you not being able to access parts of our site. 

How can you access your information 

You can request to learn about any information we have specifically gathered on yourself by simply emailing, or write too 4 Foregate Street, Worcester, WR1 1DB. 

We will then be able to tell you all information we have gathered that specifically relates to you as an individual. 

Your Consent 

By accessing our website you are agreeing to give consent for this information to be gathered. If the information we gather ever changes then we will notify you to confirm if you are still happy for us to gather this data. 

By confirming to our 3rd party Email Marketing software that you agree to receive our emails, you are giving consent for us to send you promotional emails until you unsubscribe from the list. After booking through the website or purchasing through the store you will receive an email to confirm you are happy to receive these emails.


HANBAO. take your security extremely serious, and we try to maintain the highest possible standard of security possible. Although, the transfer of data through the internet is never 100% secure, so whilst we will endeavour to protect your information to the best of our ability, we cannot say that your information transferred to our website will always be secure. by using our website you are giving consent for this data to be transferred, regardless of the risk that transferring data via the internet can include.