Our story

HANBAO means burger in Mandarin; our eatery is an east meets west dining experience. Founded in 2016 our original dream was to create a quality spot for diners to enjoy the ultimate in fast food. The unique burgers and cocktails we serve are all about heavy indulgence; great food, great environment and great service.


Our Journey

After impulsively quitting our respective day jobs to take a risk and invest in the restaurant, we flew out to America and Hong Kong. Exploring the best basement bars, street food stalls, back alley restaurants and all-you can-eat buffets en route, taking inspiration from the trip to conceptualise our menu. Travelling to HK & China we explored the restaurants, clean-concrete, raw, neon-lit aesthetics of the city that inspired us. The moody darkness of HK exists in our space. After the food fuelled drive across HK & China, we jetted to Los Angeles to scope out the food scene. Surviving on coffee and red meat, travelling on the open road, stopping off at diners and street markets. Discovering many incredible independents that heavily influenced us to create what HANBAO is today. Over to New York, Soho’s fried chicken was revelatory and the cities cocktails were killer. Our dishes benefitted from us experiencing so many innovative and experimental culinary approaches enabling us to go all out on guilty pleasures. HK & China influenced the interior. NYC & LA inspired the flavour.

our doors are open to everyone

It was important for us to open HANBAO in our hometown. Worcester represents our roots. We went to school here and spent our youth growing up here, copping the latest street wear and socialising. We knew Worcester needed a fresh spot after being chucked out of bars here for wearing trainers or having tattoos. At HANBAO we really don’t care how you look or what you wear, as long as you bring good vibes. Our ethos is all beef no drama. We had hassle overcoming adversity from the local authorities when scouting venues and dressing the restaurant, establishing HANBAO was nearly an impossibility. Eventually, as with all good things, everything came together naturally in the end. We play the music we love and serve the best food we can. Our spot is a social hangout, we are continually collaborating with emerging and established talent in fashion and food to keep things fresh and interesting. We want our environment to encourage everyone to relax, to take the time to sample tasty food and enjoy good company. Our doors are open to everyone.